Nearing the end of January, the theme of this post is a bit belated. But then again after months of being MIA on here, my blog begs for any post at all! This past year has been an eventful one. I underestimated my ability to manage this blog in addition to school and work, but I’m hoping to change that. I’m back and I’m ready and I can’t wait to show you all my new direction for the blog! Below are some of my goals for this year, blog related and not. If you’re interested in what’s been going on during my hiatus please keep reading! At the very least, today’s writing is more of a personal post to help keep myself accountable to you all, and remind myself of where I’m headed.

Engaging and Personable Content

When I first started this blog, I focused so much on research and preparation. Each post took hours of reading and scouring for information (which I love!) but I realize this doesn’t benefit you as much as an audience. While I still plan to make posts like this, I took a lot of time to reflect upon what separates my blogs from informational articles out there. Of course advocacy is important and I’ll never break away from these topics, but I want to present it in a more personable form and form a stronger connection with my audience rather than spewing out facts in every post. I’ll share more of my opinions, curiosities, and daily life habits,and focus on leaving you with the sources you need to explore the more factual side on your own.

More Posts!

This goal is painfully obvious after a year of nothing. My hope is that with the new content direction, posts will be less exhausting to compile and ultimately, more frequent! Though it may take a few weeks to adjust, my goal for the start of this year is to make AT LEAST one post a week. I’m unsure what day(s) I’ll be posting yet, so be sure to sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss a thing 😉 Let it be known that I’m constantly coming up with new post ideas, even when I’m not writing. I have a long list of content ideas, I just have to push myself to put pen to paper!

Mindful Living

While I try my best to live a holistic lifestyle, this can be hard to always keep track of; especially when life gets hectic. This year I want to focus on putting more of my words into action and creating healthy habits so I can begin to do them without thinking. Examples include being more considerate of single use products with consumption habits, and remembering to actually bring all those reusable bags with me! One big step I’ve made toward mindful living this year is switching to a pescatarian diet! This means no meat AND no dairy. With my increased number of vegan friends, I began to notice just how easy it is to convert to a life without meat and dairy. I hope to include more tips about this lifestyle as I move forward in this journey for those of you considering, or maybe just looking to cut back.

Community Involvement

Involvement in my community has a few different meanings for me. First and foremost, I hope to be more active in the blog community by reading and engaging with other bloggers, sustainable and not! If you’re in the Savannah/Atlanta area I’m always interested in a meet up so please reach out! Another goal is to be more involved in the sustainable community as a whole. This past month I kicked off the new year by receiving my LEED Green Associate accreditation from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). I’m hoping to move forward with my title and get connected with the local chapter! If you’re interested in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation process, stay tuned for a post all about it!!

While this only begins to capture my goals for this year, I hope it shows you a new sense of direction. I look forward to getting this blog back on track and I hope you continue along with me. Comment below any of your goals for the year you’re excited about and if there’s anything you hope to see on this page!

Love you all and have a happy belated new year!


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