Hello my little bees! We are officially in the week of the long awaited Valentine’s Day, which means love is buzzing in the air 😉 For some, this may mean nothing more than a movie night in with Netflix, a bubble bath and some #SelfLove. But for others, you may be gearing up for a weekend away! While our feeds are expectantly waiting for consumer driven posts and luxury hotels, now is a great time to remind everyone of those unexpected finds that may not require a plane ticket to reach.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen almost every other post dedicated to my Airbnb in Austin. In case you haven’t gotten tired of this beauty, I thought now would be the perfect time to share about my stay at this beautiful homestead! While I attend school in Savannah, Georgia, my boyfriend still remains back in Texas, meaning some tough long distance. Between a busy school and work schedule, visits back and forth aren’t very frequent. So when we do see each other, we like to splurge on fun experiences in the area! On my most recent visit back in December, we decided to go on a quick one night stay-cation to a renovated airstream just 10 minutes from the apartment. While it may seem silly to spend money to sleep so close to home, that night ended up being my favorite of my whole visit. I can’t believe how perfect every corner of this place was, and even with all the photos I took, I still didn’t get enough!

Now let me tell ya, I was sold from the start after fangirling over their interior renovation of a vintage airstream trailer. The space was complete with a bed, kitchenette, a small seating nook, and a full bathroom. I was expecting just a tiny toilet in a closet, but this place even had a freestanding claw tub. Oh my gosh I was impressed! And of course, head to toe, the airstream could serve as some serious pinterest content.

But what really sealed the deal was the location. Our airstream was a part of the mmhomestead, a place full of deep rooted love. They had a rich history, cultivated for years to create the beautiful homestead it is today. Foster mom and homestead owner, Marcella, has opened her doors to give love to all. Reading her story was inspirational and so heart-warming; I felt honored to have been included in their journey. But it’s not just people she’s opened her doors to! There were SO many animals, I felt like a child running around to see them all. Goats, chickens, bunnies, ducks, cats, a dog and a pig, phew! You could even find a small shop in the back shed filled with handmade goods and snacks. I highly recommend staying at the mmhomestead if you find yourself in Austin. I will link her instagram and Airbnb below 🙂

If you aren’t in Austin, that’s okay too! I hope this post can inspire you to take an alternative route this Valentine’s day, and invest in more experiences rather than marketed items. To me, this trip was so much more meaningful than some random gift off a shelf. It was a chance to truly spend time with each other, sans distractions, and experience love not only from each other, but from the spirit of the place we got to visit.

As always, have a lovely week and a Happy Valentine’s Day. What are some ways you combat the consumer hype during the holidays? Comment down below!

Until Next Time,


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